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How to recover Hard Disk data

When we use our computers data is constantly transferred between temporary memory (RAM) and Hard Disk. Gradually over long periods of time, the drive gets damaged, eventually leading to a crash. There is no shortcut to Hard Disk data recovery; however there are established processes which you can follow to recover data when it is not detected but, not if there is physical damage to the disk. It might take days in a professional static free environment (called a clean room) sometimes, and other times it is as easy as plugging in your disk to a system and using a Hard Disk data recovery software.

Since portable disks have become popular, most of us like to keep a big chunk of our data on these disks so that our systems’ drives can be cleaner. However, protection of our data highly depends on the consistency of these storage systems. Once lost, data to recover from these disks is usually in huge quantities and the process can take a very long time.

To deal with physical failures of Hard Disks specialized labs are required so that recovery can be performed in a sterilized, anti-static environment to avoid any further damage. For logical failures, however, many programmers have developed data recovery algorithms that could scan a Hard Disk and undelete lost files. For example, recovery of data after files have been erased, emptied from the recycle bin, or maybe the disk has been formatted. These are very sophisticated algorithms because they were developed after years of research. You can use this software to recover data after crash or to recover data after format.

Steps to recover Hard Disk data:
1. First and foremost, check the credibility of the software you are going to use. This is usually determined by the file categories it is built to support. It is obligatory to use a robust program that can deal with all kinds of data.
2. Secondly, make sure you have the tools to connect your drive to a computer. Usually a USB cable or a SATA/IDE to USB cable.
3. Before you go on and connect the drive, make sure at least twice that it is not physically damaged. If yes, then follow-up with a professional.
4. If you don’t see any signs of physical damage and you are absolutely positive about recovering your files, use the software to start scanning for lost files. A couple of good free recovery software available are Recuva and TestDisk.

Specialized data recovery companies, like Unique Data Recovery, are determined to constantly develop the procedures, tools, and practices of retrieving data. With the help of our unceasing innovation, we have developed proprietary tools and practices to recover lost data efficiently. We understand that the lifeblood of recovery is to retrieve files intact. Our recovery tools display this ideology by safeguarding against alterations to the original files being recovered.

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